Hi, my name is Phaedra, and I'm a passionate dancer with a love for both ballet and contemporary styles. After studying dance intensively, I embarked on a journey as a freelancer, allowing me to collaborate with various choreographers, travel the world, and immerse myself in diverse experiences.

Dancing is more than just a profession for me—it's a form of liberation. It fills me with a sense of freedom and joy that I cherish deeply. Alongside dancing, I have a soft spot for singing, although my artistic talents are confined to movement rather than brushstrokes. Nonetheless, I admire the world of visual art immensely.

One thing I'm eager to explore is blending different dance styles with acting. It's a creative avenue that I haven't ventured into yet, but I believe it holds immense potential for growth and collaboration. I'm enthusiastic about the prospect of exchanging knowledge and insights with fellow artists, enriching my craft in the process.

Beyond the stage, I find solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature, particularly the serene hues of the sky. There's something profoundly calming about witnessing the colors of dusk or dawn, a feeling that resonates deeply within me.