DOX Performer

Vasco Gomes



I’ve studied product design in the past, but since young, I’ve been autonomously exploring different artforms, some more than others, being dance and movement the ones I’ve dedicated more time and effort, although, I do express in other forms, writing, creating sounds using my voice as an instrument and singing. I’ve learned mostly from experience, listening to my emotions and letting my body create new forms and ways of expressing, also a lot of observing and absorbing, attending to cultural events and exchanging with people.
This path recently brought me the chance to perform on stage for the first time, being part of the cast for 2 productions made by young makers here in the Netherlands, being one of them “Onbedoeld verberg ik” work of ROAD collective, and the other “Press Play” by Mirjam Ravier (Café Theatre Festival).

Mijn purpose/dream in life is:
I’ve been feeling that my purpose in life is to enjoy it while I’m here, getting inspired to inspire, being creative and connecting people.

My favorite art discipline is:

DOX is going to help me with:
I think DOX is going to help me structuring and developing my skills further. Working with large groups and understanding the more technical part of stage performance will also bring a very much needed growth. The self management within the industry and the finances are also really important to adopt. I also believe that DOX will support my growth as an artist in even ways that I don’t know yet.

My inspiration is:
I get mostly inspired through life experiences and what in my surroundings. I’ve had some inspiring hitchhiking road trips through Europe that made me discover new sides of me and opened my senses to different ways of living and approaching life. I also get inspired by enjoying other artforms, like music, performative arts, visual arts, movies etc…

What I want for the world is:
My tip for the people of this world is to connect more and bound to each other, creating more independency with alternative ways of living life, in a more collective way and less individual, as I see the world turning into.

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