DOX Performer

Natasha Bambo

Predator? Epic! King Kong? Beautiful. Robo Cop? Sick. Jumanji then? Captivating. Jumanji now? Not bad. Kung Fu Panda? World Class. The Warrior Panda movie is funny, touching, inspiring, triumphant, fascinating, visually amazing, and has awesome lines to use in everyday life.

Scenario: I go up to my boyfriend intending to sit on his lap. The perfect lines play in my mind:

“What are you gonna do [big guy]? Sit on me?” (Tai Lung)

“Don’t tempt me. Hahaha.” (Po)

And I sit on my boyfriend’s lap.

I obviously leave out the words “big guy” because they don’t apply.

A modern-day fable with a wonderful balance of entertainment and truth. Why does it impact me? Every character is just who they are. And who they are makes an amazing picture. I love the diversity of all the characters. I see bits of me in all of them, and see bits of others in them too. They are all uniquely different, and uniquely similar, but still uniquely who they are. How nice it is to have puppets show ourselves to us, and remind us that “there is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.”

It’s just you.

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