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DOX makes multidisciplinary theatre productions, and is a breeding ground for young, culturally diverse talent in the performing arts arena.

DOX discovers, guides and offers a stage to young theatre talent. Inspired by a diversity of cultures, DOX works dynamically, adopting a multi-coloured style of theatre production, which offers space to the talent and the ideas of up-and-coming performing artists. By making theatre with young players and young producers of diverse cultural backgrounds, they are offered serious opportunities for career development.

Young people

Since its establishment in 1997, DOX has succeeded in bringing a not-so-obvious target audience in touch with the phenomenon of theatre. This target audience consists of young people from all layers of society, with a great diversity in cultural backgrounds. With her performances and the education offered, DOX continuously strives to appeal to a group which is harder to reach again and again. The participation of young people is something DOX considers to be of paramount importance. The way DOX deals with cultural education distinguishes itself from other initiatives in this area, because of the combination of cultural educational projects with talent development.

Talent Development

Talent makes no distinction, and can be found in all layers of society. Talent development within a changing society requires new forms and new projects. In 2008, DOX started with programmes in schools which are distinguished from the regular workshops offered by DOX in regards to both their length (minimum of two weeks) and the content. DOX develops various long-term projects in schools, and from there they create flow/circulation through the DOXworks! program to the professional practice or art academies.

Relationship with the Audience

When searching and determining sources of inspiration for performances, DOX actively tries to remain as close and in-touch with the experience of the young audience as much as possible. During the production process of the regular performances, they work — within their own, unique DOX style — from insight provided by the young people — the players of DOX themselves —, but also in combination with the media and interviews with those young people who are specifically involved in the subject of a performance.

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Eric Japenga – Business director
Hildegard Draaijer – Artistic director

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