DOX opens her doors on June 10 and 11 to the national selection. Are you 15 and up and do you have a talent for dancing, acting, singing, playing music, or perhaps all of them? Do you have what it takes?? Then go ahead and join the national selection of DOX!

10 & June 11 – First round
24 & June 25 – Second round

Registration for 2017 is closed.

At DOX you work in ‘ateliers’, these are workshops where you are going to work with various artists. We find it important that you create yourself, play and connect with artists and audiences. The studios differ in design, content and form. You will work in different blocks with directors, choreographers, musicians and/or visual artists. In addition to the workshops we create various own productions throughout the year, we present co-productions and new artists create their performances under the wings of DOX.

DOX makes multidisciplinary theatre productions, and is a breeding ground for young, culturally diverse talent in the performing arts arena. DOX discovers, guides and offers a stage to young theatre talent. Inspired by a diversity of cultures, DOX works dynamically, adopting a multi-coloured style of theatre production, which offers space to the talent and the ideas of up-and-coming performing artists. By making theatre with young players and young producers of diverse cultural backgrounds, they are offered serious opportunities for career development.

In addition to the workshops, there are also several full-time projects for which you can be selected. We work together with Holland Opera in STYX, we create Role Model with NBprojects (Nicole Beutler) and later in 2018 there will be Bloedlink with NTjong . So for fulltime projects you should be at DOX next season!

For these projects, you often also get paid!

A selection is always a bit exciting, but we try to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. That’s why we call it a workshop. There will be plenty of time for warm-up exercises, assignments and for conversation. We always look at the whole selection, so if one thing does not work so well, you do not have to worry. Try to maximize the fun and dare to show yourself!

Do you dare? Register here!